Monday, August 10, 2015

August is going to be long

Eamon's spending two weeks this year with Ms. Ellie and Grandpa. TWO FULL WEEKS! The first week we signed him up for a soccer camp he has done in Virginia a few times that he enjoys and the second week Ms. Ellie has planned with activities and adventures and a bundle of memories no doubt. Saturday she sent this picture of Eamon and Grandpa about to go on the high zip line at Zoofari Adventure Park - Grandpa was excited.

Eamon was excited about spending all that time with them and I'll admit we were a little too but I'm afraid with an impending move on the horizon we've been spending our time getting little jobs done around the apartment and packing. Not exactly what we were excited about but we're thrilled Eamon is having such a great time.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Under contract

Two things checked off this year's summer list - by the autumnal equinox they all should be.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer vacay: recap

We spent our usual week in Chincoteague at the beginning of July and it was a very welcome break from all that is involved in selling and buying property. Our sanity was restored thanks to sea, sand, reading on porch swings, exploring on bikes, boats and kayaks. Plenty of eating and drinking too of course. 
Turns out all our sand toys were in storage not that Eamon plays with them that much anyway but I bring them to the beach so he can get a little break from the surf - he spends all his time in the water which is great but it does wear him out and he's not able or willing to recognize that his exhaustion could actually be dangerous in strong waves. I bought a big shovel this year and had fun digging holes. At least sand toys keep me amused.
A trip to Chincoteague is not complete without a ride on Captain Barry's boat. Eamon adores him and loves to get down and dirty exploring with him. Credit where credit is due, he's learnt a lot about the shore because of him. 
Loads of seafood and crab feasts and ice cream and wine and beer and punches. Weather was mild enough this year that sitting out was actually quite pleasant. Mosquitoes even left us alone for the most part.
Last year we didn't ride our bikes much so I suggested that instead of bringing them that we'd rent some there if we fancied going out and about. I fell in love with a tandem and off we went only to find that sitting on the back of a tandem is what I imagine being the ass end of a pantomime donkey is like. Eamon enjoyed it though his bike proved a tad small for my long (ahem) legs.

We rented kayaks too and paddled in the bay, delighted that Grandpa and Ms. Ellie came along. Now that Eamon is getting older there are a lot more activities opening up though no matter what mini-golf still remains popular.

We saw a bald eagle on the nature loop and enjoyed cycling to a much quieter part of the beach.
Birthday punch on Maryland crab in Virginia.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Foot selfie

On a boardwalk somewhere July 2015

This selfie thing might just become a feature, not just of our pinkies - promise.