Friday, July 11, 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer List

Eamon was very excited when he found a Clint Dempsey sticker in his pack. Thanks to Aunt Siobhan for sending them over.

You didn't think I'd forget, did you? I admit, we're a little distracted with the World Cup around here that we won't know ourselves when it's all over. Better start making a few plans...
  • Fill the World Cup sticker book!
  • Crab feast
  • Go to a fun fare/theme park 
  • Early morning run on the Mall
  • More weekly cocktails
  • Manhattanhenge
  • Improve soccer skills
  • Win the Pokemon DS X Game
  • Paddle board
  • Kayak with Grandpa
  • Visit a farm
  • Dad and son time
  • Mom and son time
  • Dad and Mom time?
Things not on our list: Stuff we do every year (like eating ice cream!) and completing the math and reading pack that the school sends home - major pain in the neck trying to fit that in. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Farter's Day

I mean Father's Day, d'uh! Eamon picked out a Father's day card that had us both laughing for days with fart jokes that totally did not impress his poor Dad. Ever noticed Mother's Day cards are full of warm sentiments and Father's Day cards are jokey ones for the buffoon in your life who falls asleep in front of the TV and won't let you drive the car? A beer drinking buffoon who'd rather be fishing or playing golf? Anyway, moving on...

Himself didn't have anything specific in mind for his special day except the same fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes I requested and a good steak and cherry pie. He has his priorities about keeping us in the kitchen but he had to work for that pie by helping me pick the cherries and then pit them.

And he had every right to fall asleep in front of the TV afterwards. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bitter sweet

As much as we've been counting down to the last day of school (the last few weeks are always tough) we've also not wanted the day to come. Today is Eamon's last day at his current elementary school and a day I wasn’t expecting for another 2 years at least - until his last day of 5th grade. It’s your typical little elementary school nestled on a tree lined street within walking distance of our home and within walking distance of Eamon’s before and after care. All Eamon’s friends are there, we know the teachers, staff, the excellent PTA and its ways of doing things and we like it a lot. But Eamon got accepted into a great program that the county offers and we’d be mad not to have him do it – but it’s at a different school. A typical little school on a tree lined street but a 30 or 40-minute bus ride away. We know that what will be unfamiliar will all be identifiable and loved in a short time and we’re excited about it and ready for a new challenge. Really.

But at the same time it’s sad to say goodbye so soon.

Eamon making bread at his school this week. (Many thanks to these guys!)

Thursday, June 05, 2014

On the sidelines

One of the highlights for Eamon when my family was here was have them at one of his soccer games, something they didn't want to miss either (so they said!). My parents have attended quite a few of their grand-children's games and concerts over the years but unfortunately don't get the chance to get to any of Eamon's, so we bombarded them with soccer, baseball and a special school event - the 3rd grade recorder concert!

My sister Ann even tagged along to that one being a sucker for these types of events and even admitted to missing them now that her kids are in their twenties. They are special and there is a social aspect to it for the parents too and I must remember that when I race from soccer to baseball to birthday party, through the packed lunches and snack rota, the awkward uniform changes in car parks and public restrooms and the hard bleacher seats that this is a phase of childhood that is fleeting.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Taking a hike!

For mother's day this year I requested that they take a hike we all take a hike together and get one with nature (and fluffy lemon-ricotta pancakes). Not a tall order. Tall order, get it? Anyway, not so 'tall' really, we went to Sugarloaf Mountain which surprised me how, well how unmountain like it is. Eamon tells us it's the highest mountain in Maryland despite him having skied down higher ones he was not to be convinced that it wasn't true. Then again he is our new expert on geography thanks to an upcoming Geo Bee he's been 'cramming' for, and because of this Bee we're all experts at this stage - I think I could pass any 3rd grade test on US geography now - I couldn't say that a few weeks ago!

Here he is in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland (MD), the seventh state to join the union and known as the Old Line State. It can be found south of Pennsylvania creating the Mason-Dixon line, west of Delaware, north of Virginia and West Virginia.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Faith of our Fathers (or Mothers!)

Sunday April 27, 2014 Eamon received his First Holy Communion and celebrated the event with both sets of grandparents, aunts, an uncle and of course himself and myself. We were all very proud and happy and it deserves more than one photo for the blog.  More to come.