Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This is The Voice

Once homework is done the kid is allowed to watch a little TV in the evenings and for one reason and another we found ourselves watching TheVoice. Eamon quickly became a fan and it was fun to watch with him – though he has a mind for some pretty useless data on the show but we enjoyed the music and I texted and tweeted his vote. Or I told him I did as it often went on longer than his bedtime but unbeknownst to Eamon we didn’t always continue to watch the show. Shhh, don’t tell him.

Last night was the final which we only discovered at 9:00pm during nightly reminders (i.e., nagging) about pajamas and teeth and urging him to bed. There was no way that kid was being allowed up till 11 to see it – but, I’ve recorded it and we’ll watch it this weekend. Might get a little party of crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks ala Eurovision style* and make a night of it though it could be just me and the kid on this one as himself is showing no interest whatsoever (like watching Pitch Perfect last week). I’ve already seen the results and Eamon will be over the moon – let’s see if he can avoid hearing about it for a few days.

*One of the highlights of my year as a child by the way and coincidentally it’s happening this weekend. If the Marriage Equality Referendum passes in Ireland (Friday) and with the Eurovision on Saturday it will be the gayest weekend ever. Wish I was in Ireland.  

Thursday, May 07, 2015

All Finishers

While we were in Ireland we took part in the Great Limerick Run, well actually I persuaded half my family to do it with me and they all cheerfully accepted the challenge - or so they said. Eamon of course was more than up for it - all 6 miles of it.

When the day itself came rain was predicted and as is typical in Ireland it delivered in spectacular fashion right when the 6 milers were out and the half marathon finished and we all got absolutely soaked. Hats off to everyone who kept going despite the squelching and ringing out of garments and to my little guy who did a sprint to the end and left his poor uncle Jamie trailing behind (I know that feeling!). We had a few hic-cups on the day but it all worked out well and I swear I had the best few pints of Guinness EVER afterwards - if we hadn't been so wet there would have been a few more.

Last kudos go to Niamh for clocking in the fastest time on her run and winning the Duck Cup which finally broke the Farrell drought. Himself regretted he wasn't there to get rid of present it in person. 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Just flew back from Ireland and boy are my arms tired

Flying visit home in the middle of the school year to be with my mother to celebrate her 80th birthday and we really did have a wonderful time - Eamon got to play football (or soccer) with Andrew, show Jamie his poetry, go on a cliff walk, eat winkles, run a race, be with fellow Arsenal supporters and win a match, try red lemonade, see a crannóg, look for WiFi every where and generally get spoiled rotten by all his relatives. I was equally spoiled I might add and I really do hope my mother was too. Let me tell you that lady knows how to party. I could barely keep up with her!




Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter Bunny found in Pittsburgh

The Easter Bunny left Eamon a basket in the apartment we rented over Easter in Pittsburgh - though he didn't hide the eggs and Eamon said the egg hunt was the part he missed the most - noted for next year little man.

I think the rascally rabbit eats while on the job and got stuck with some giant eggs in a window box nearby and by the time he had his fill he was too full to move. Don't ask me how I know.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Falling into spring

Over spring break we took a little trip to Pennsylvania and toured Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters which has long been on a list of places we wanted to visit. It did not disappoint and it was so beautiful there on the mountain, over the water standing right there in his art that we now want to go back and see it in the height of summer or when the leaves turn or maybe when there's snow all over. We'll just have to keep it on the list a little longer.

Eamon of course thought it was a fantastic house for a nerf gun battle which is how he measures and views a house. We're toying with the idea of moving this year and have toured a few houses and Eamon's point of view comes down to how good the back garden would be for soccer and a game of 'war'. All valid.

Monday, March 02, 2015

On Ireland

Eamon's new school has an international night and we hosted a table on Ireland (No baking this time so I didn't poison anyone but just brought tubs of Irish biscuits instead). The night tied in very well with an immigration project Eamon's class is doing in school where he has to write a day in the life of a kid in the country he would be living in if his family didn't emigrate. Do I even have to tell you which country he got to write on?

He had to do research and while we had a good few books and DVDs lying around the house we also took to the library and naturally had an excuse to call on the reigning family expert on being a 4th-class pupil in Ireland today - his cousin Andrew. Eamon has lapped up the history and culture which was great and was able to explain to people about a few of the things we brought - like hurley and Gaelic football though he spent ample time running around with his friends too while we enjoyed the international fare and music. We are always so grateful that we live in such a multicultural area and Eamon can experience so many diverse cultures everyday at school from kids like him of first generation immigrants - so different to my own school days.
This is also Six-Nations tournament time so we went to see the Ireland v England match the other weekend and now that Eamon has a little more background on Irish history there is no doubt about what country's blood flows in his veins. As if there ever was!