Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer List 2011

Summer is officially here! Yay! The kid’s off school, the days are longer (and sadly get shorter from today); the fireflies are buzzing and we're only 4 days away from vacation so it's time for the list. With the weather being so warm since mid-April, we’ve done quite a few of these things already but the beauty of summer is – for me at least - nothing ever really gets old and we’re happy to cover some things again and again. You might notice that it’s not too different from previous summer lists –it’s the little things about the season we love so much.

So without further ado, this summer the Lowe-Madills will be …

  • Catching fireflies
  • Camping
  • Crabbing, clamming and picking winkles
  • Swimming in bays, oceans, lakes and rivers
  • Picking fresh fruit and eating as much of it as we can while doing it
  • Sipping coffee on our balcony watching humming birds
  • Sipping mojitos on our balcony (perhaps with a sister or two!)
  • Growing good things to eat
  • Seeing fireworks
  • Watching a summer storm from a sheltered porch
  • Watching a movie outdoors
  • Eating everything that comes in our CSA basket
  • Cannonballing into the swimming pool and sliding down a slide at a waterpark
  • Cheering on the Nats at an away game!
  • Getting saturated in a water balloon fight
  • Riding the attractions at the fairground and sharing sticky sweet funnel cake
    Agus a lán rudí eile (I'm beginning to sound like a primary school essay after the summer holidays)

    My main aim for this summer is to not over schedule ourselves – there’s a limit to what we can do in a weekend and nothing worse than feeling haggard during the week and that darned laundry doesn’t do itself - but we would love to do these things with you if you’re interested. What do you have on your lists?


      WheresMyChromebook said...

      Here's what we'll be doing: Looking forward to catching up with the Lowe-Madills in Austin, Texas!

      herself said...

      So looking forward to that too - will have a fall list to include it!

      Laurie said...

      I love your lists Therese. I'm working on eating to the bottom of our CSA bag too. We have some garlic sprout-type green that I haven't figured out yet. I have two weeks worth now!

      herself said...

      Are they curly? We got loads of those too and are good in pretty much everything - omelettes are my favorite. Good with roasted asparagus too.

      Elaine said...

      See you at the beach! And maybe some more cmaping, too.

      To your list, I think we'll add "fly a kite".

      Kay said...

      I have a list but I prefer yours. I'm on my way!

      Laurie said...

      Yes - they're curly with a weird little tip. I plan to use them like I would scallions or garlic in a pesto. Omelettes and roasted veggies are a good idea!

      Anonymous said...

      Or maybe cosmopolitans on the balcony, though I did get a lesson in how to make a proper mojito ... Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Siobhan

      AwwwTrouble said...

      It's a great list. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just take the summers off entirely? Hope the vacation is fun!

      Marya said...

      I am inspired by your list. I will post one soon!

      laura_d_f said...

      Very inspiring. : ) I wrote one as well.